Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ray's PeGe

I am here in the heart of Cajun Country, literally sitting diagonal to a swamp, anticipating what is touted as the best sandwich between Monroe and New Orleans.... Having ordered from the short order cook (a person I have come to recognize in most circles as a culinary master) I am literally giddy.

The red ripped booths, and stained tile floor set the stage for what is clearly a beloved establishment in the hearts of all who inhabit Monroe, LA.

The delivery of this gravy laden, 2000 calorie, meatwich brings tears to my eye... Misty and emotional I take the first bite.

Until today I was unaware that roast beef could suck the moisture out of ones soul, especially when covered in gravy.... The bread a slighlty more stale rendition of dick clarks libido. I could liken the gravy to milk of magnesia, as it had the same flavor and identical texture. I was impressed that the fries, the roastbeef, nor the gravy had a disernable flavor of anykind (Minus Milk of Magnesia.)

Clearly the people of Monroe, LA have either lost way or they are completely delusional.. Subway makes a better sandwich and it is closer to my hotel... Perhaps I should have reviewed my 5 dollar footlong from yesterday.

Essentailly I would rather devour rancid dolphin flesh at a PETA rally than ever eat here again.

On the something scale they score a 1...But only because they had the appearance of a worn local haunt that should serve amazing food....

Lets see what this evening brings...


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  2. Oh my! Just lost my appetite! :) Thanks for your help on my diet!!!