Sunday, July 18, 2010

Earl Campbells Sports Bar and Grill (Austin Texas)

Ran into the gem at the Austin Bergstrom Airport.

Service: Rarely have I seen an organization that treated me so poorly... The young lady at counter could well be described as Mrs. Lovett from the Movie Sweeny Todd... Not because she is attractive as Helen Bonham Carter, but because her demeanor was such that I felt she would rather "serve human," than serve humans... Rude would not adequatley describe this pit viper of a person.... That said see food.

Food: The BBQ Brisket Tacos are the perfect cure for a MIND BOGGLING hang over. Greasy, salty, and covered in a light dew of texas bbq sauce. Ad the flavor of mayonaise cole slaw on top of the fresh tortillas and you have a combination yielding some of the best pub grub I have ever had.

Alchohol: Decent selection of beer and a full bar...Nothing to write home about.

Overall: If you have time to spare, and enjoy good beer, good food, and being served by people who would rather chop you up into a salad stop here...

If I was to give this a rating, I would say it is a 2 "something." Rating system to come....

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