Saturday, July 31, 2010

Fox and The Hound (Lone Tree, CO)

I know, I know....I am not on the road, and I am talking about a national chain...If you dont like it shut up, I will beat you like a narc at a biker rally....

The medium heat wings at Fox N the Hound are truley a marvel of pub grub... Juicy, spicy and sweet, these delectitble morsels slid down my throat like a roller coaster of taste sensation. I dont want to say that the wings "hurt my feelings," but I will say that I grossly underestimated the gorgeousness of a good wing sauce combined with ranch... Whomever the Head Chef is at Fox n The Hound..Bravo.

Service: I am still convinced that no one in the United Stated recognizes the fact that tips = commission..Otherwise my drinks would have shown up with greater regularity....and without any prodding.

drinks: its a bar.. you do the math.

Overall: I give the F-N-H a 3 on the something scale..The beer is cold the wings are tangy and delicious.... the service kinda blows...

Bottoms Up Friends.

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