Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Woodshed (Hopkinsville, KY)

Ambiance: So it’s in a double wide trailer in the middle of nowhere, and directly across the street from a mining facility. This is not the Ritz Carlton on their best day. I was not certain as to whether the waitresses were going to bring my food, or if they were going to attach the plate to the ENORMUS flies and allow them to deliver it. The “you ain’t from around here” look as I walked through the door was much like a scene from deliverance, though there was no banjo or sodomy…. This was a plus. Retrospectively I would bought a pair of overalls and a “chaw” to fit in with the crowd. If you eliminate the prehistoric flies, the “hill billery,” and the silver toothed coughing and cussing grill master there would a larger degree of comfort; however, I think it would destroy the essence of this down home country experience.

Service: The waitresses are very nice and very helpful, and seemed to have worked there for quite a long time. There were terms of affection lobbed in my direction such as, hun, darling, sweetie, etc. Of course this seemed to be a par performance as all others within my earshot had the same names. My food was delivered within 12 seconds of my ordering it, which either speaks volumes to their efficiency, or the age of the dinner I ate.

Food: The Pork BBQ was a delightful treat, smothered in a vinegar BBQ sauce with three sides. I was especially impressed with the flavor, and the texture of the meat. While the meat its self melted away there was crispy outer skin to allow the taste buds to wrangle a new sensation. Juicy, and perfect the pork stole the show…at first.

Burgoo: I have no idea what the hell this, but if they deliver truck of it to my home I will gladly and eagerly devour every drop. This side is best described as soup? The ingredients of vegetables, black eyed peas, and pork, somehow meld to deliver a punch in the throat. The tantalizing sweet sour and salty flavor is truly something one must experience to believe… It was breathtaking.

Drinks: “We aint got liquor…don’t believe in it.” Yes actual quote….

Overall: The kind nature of the ownership and their staff combined with incredible prices and the magnificent “burgoo” makes this one a must if you are ever in Hopkinsville, KY. The meal you see before you was 6 bucks…. The food and the service make all the difference, even faced with flies, strange looks, and a tuberculosis ridden toothless chef. I give the Woodshed the highest rating so far of a 5 on the something scale.

Happy Eating My Friends!

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