Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tavern on the Water, Boston, MA (Charlestown Navy Yard)

Rarely do I take time to review a restaurant twice, but hey the food was good so I went back. The format will be a touch different given 2 dishes being reviewed.

Atmosphere: the Tavern on the Water has what is possibly the single best view of Boston I could have imagined. At dusk as the sun sets, and the buildings glow as if the whole city is located on the sun. As darkness falls the city lights reveal a city alive with people at work and at play. Boston is a beautiful city, and for the purpose of gazing into its heart and vibrancy there is no better location than Tavern on the Water.

Night One Table Service: My waitress for the evening was less than enthusiastic about her role in the world. I would imagine she would a better match as a DMV Clerk. Emotionless, and unexciting in every way. When I asked “what is the best thing on the menu?” She answered with “Dunno, I don’t eat here…” Not a resounding endorsement especially coming from the only waitress in the place. I did not reveal her destiny as a public servant at the time, as I thought the calling was best discovered in her own way.

Night 2 Bar Service: The bartender was very pleasant and helpful. Not the best service I have ever had, but certainly not the public servant I encountered the evening before.


Appetizer: Calamari is pretty much calamari where ever you go. It was good but a little chewier than I enjoy.

Fish and Chips: Jesus might work in the kitchen as a fry cook. I kid you not the fish were celestial… Flakey, with a STRONG crunch on the outside, I am seriously salivating thinking about it now… What was most impressive was the whole made tartar sauce. The flavor was unlike any I had tasted before, salty, but sweet, I am in a way perplexed as I am unable to connect the flavors in a discernable sentence. If you find yourself in the Charlestown Navy Yard, and you're hungry…Go eat this. I Dub the meal “The Fish and Chips Holy Grail” on this side of the pond…

Eric Pratt Concerning Fish and Chips: Jesus did not make the fish and chips but the meal “met expectations.”

Drunken Lobster and Shrimp with Red Sauce: Good, but mostly pasta. I will say that will a touch of Tabasco and a lot of salt this is not a bad meal, but I certainly would not spent the $16.95 again. Somehow they missed the mark on this, but nailed the fish and chips…

Overall: Great place to go. Sit at the bar unless you enjoy the service you receive while renewing your driver’s license. Order the fish and chips and you maybe securing your place in heaven. On the “something scale” I would give this one a 6, points mostly for celestial fish and incredible views.
Happy Eating!

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  1. I don't even like fish and chips but this sounds amazing!