Saturday, August 14, 2010

Black Beard's (Corpus Christi-North Beach)

Walking into an establishment called Black Beards was probably my first mistake. I suppose I should not have expected a lot especially give its proximity to the Quality Inn “On the Beach,” a roach infested, stinking, whore hotel that I THOUGHT was the best option for my accommodations in Corpus Christi…

As you approach Black Beards, nothing seems out of line…But upon entering the front door things change immediately for the worst… The greeting I received (after 12 minutes standing at the counter) was in a word…worrisome, “you eating or just gonna look?” It asked. “Do you have a bar” I asked innocently? “It’s a beach what do you think? “ (IT) replied in turn. I stress (IT) as I am still uncertain as to the gender and/ or preference of the person assisting me at that time.

Upon sitting at the bar, I was greeted promptly by Dave the bartender who remains the Hero of this ordeal. He had good taste in music, made sure my drinks were cold and on time, and overall made the best of a whole new chapter of culinary suckery .

Food: I am not sure how to even begin describing the food in this place. I fear that Black Beards never got the memo not to buy Seafood from Louisiana. The oyster and shrimp dinner was as palatable as a plate full of deep fried road kill marinated in mixture of rotten cheese and dog vomit. The first oyster made me wretch in my mouth, and the shrimp had the texture of a truck tire. I could literally taste the smell (yes TASTE the SMELL) of this rancid meal as it rounded the kitchen door 400 yards away. The only part of the meal that was digestible by a human being was the house salad with ranch dressing… of course…how does one screw that up?
Redeeming this meal was impossible, but I have to say…The Margaritas made my head spin, and did a fine job of healing my palate from the treachery that was the Oyster and Shrimp Platter.

Overall: Stay the hell away from this place, unless of course you enjoy throwing up in your mouth, and the very real threat of infection by a flesh eating virus from the sanitary conditions in this place. I am not even going to rate this on the “Something Scale.” I can’t stomach the thought of tarnishing the system.

Happy Eating!

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